The key to having an aesthetically pleasing environment in any space is a good combination of art and proper arrangement. You can have an art collection worthy of a museum but a lack of knowledge and skills in proper organization could turn your pretty collection into an insightful clutter. On the other hand, you can create a stunning view with just a handful of ordinary accessories and a simple touch of art. To help you achieve the beautiful room you want, here are some very practical tips from our artsy experts.

Create Harmony and Balance

One basic way to make a room beautiful is to harmonize different objects so that their varying sizes and shapes are arranged asymmetrically. One example of creating balance is by combining several smaller objects to match a taller or bigger object. Nestling smaller objects together will increase their overall visual weight so that they can be aesthetically equal with a larger item. To unify these smaller objects, collect those which share a certain characteristic such as shades of the same color.

Rhythmic Arrangement

A scale, depth or height can be used to create visual rhythm. You can arrange things in a pattern so that the eyes are guided in a pleasant tour of the room. You can do this by placing objects throughout the room so that each object directs the eye to the next. When rhythmically arranged, people would naturally look at the focal point in the room, move horizontally from one item to another, and then perhaps look up and then look down again while admiring a series of artworks and decors.


Arranging Tabletop Pieces

Different tables have different potentials for tabletop decoration. A coffee table, for one, can hold books, figurines, flowers, and other decorative pieces. Arranging them creatively can make your table look orderly, as well as pretty. One way to create a sense of unity, especially for smaller accessories, is to put them in a tray. Place similar objects together and find another decorative container for other types of accessories. Vases can be used to contain pens of different height and colors. You can make a stack of books alternating a set of colors, thickness, or sizes.


Create Visual Interest with Graphic Variety

A corner could look interesting when you place a well-chosen collection to put on display. Mix objects of varying shapes and sizes to achieve visual interest. You can have one focal point such as vase, a frame or a lamp and then distribute different shapes of accessories around it. Some spherical paperweights and rectangular boxes can make an interesting pattern.


Make Decors Work with Your Accessories

Even if you meant to use the table, you can still turn it into another piece of useful decoration by complementing your accessories with an artwork, such as an eye-catching artwork on the wall beside it. Hanging your wall art about ten inches above the table can create a pleasant connection between the tabletop accessories and the artwork. Place a few tall objects of the table so that it slightly overlaps with the wall art, making everything harmonious and connected to each other.


Create an Emphasis

A huge collection of collections can make a room messy and visually unpleasant. What’s the point of collecting beautiful and even expensive things if they don’t serve their purpose? If you want to showcase your decors’ beauty, make sure that you arrange them so that everything else gives way to one specific focal collection. Even if you have this urge to brag all your collections all at once, choosing a single collection as the queen of the day will really make a roomful of beautiful objects truly eye-pleasing.

Play with Contrast

Contrast can create visual interest in the room. Putting a contrasting background wall art can make your tabletop decors stand out. Your light-colored ceramics and figurines can look stunning when placed against a black cupboard. You can then distribute some colorful items throughout the room to add a refreshing and lively effect to the room atmosphere.

With these basics in arrangement, you imagined your home to be- organized, pleasant, and interesting.