Product Description

Adam Atomik

Miami raised and world known artist Atomik has joined up with Infinytoon to give you his English bulldog, Meatball.  A representation of his style, this piece is filled with meanings plus his famous orange character. This statue is a one of a kind piece that you will find no where else but here.

The Birth

Adam Atomiks Orange came to be after the tear down of the Miami Orange Bowl in 2008. After this event he began painting and putting up stickers of the stadiums orange symbol all over Miami. The committee at the Orange Bowl got the information and sent the artist a notice to stop. Due to receiving this notice he made major changes which resulted in the birth of his signature piece. Atomik’s playful characters and hand styles have become as much a symbol of Miami as much as palm trees. His studio pieces on media ranging from canvas to paper as well as found objects like street signs.

Orange Character

Atomik’s famous orange figure has been placed all over the world, bringing a piece of Miami to places such as; Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Denmark, Sweden, France, Cuba, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and South Africa.

20 years of writing, ATOMIK has grown into an very important part of Miami graffiti culture. Therefore Atomik became an artist who depiction the change of a Miami style of painting. As a result the Miami born artist with a great talent that he has worked on in order to portray his city around the world.

Protecting The Art

Infinytoon unique pieces are sprayed with a special clear coat for all weather protection. after each artist is done with their work, they are sent out for this process right away. This allows the artwork to be safe at all times and in all types of conditions to be shown in any place.