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Enhance your home or garden design with these colored Fish Statue

Fish are back boned animals that live in water.  The various kinds of fish differ so much in their shape, color, and size that they do not seem to have much in common to be classified in a common group of animals.

However, all fish have two main features in common. First hey have a backbone, and so they are vertebrates. Second, they breathe mainly by means of gills.  Nearly all fish being cold-blooded animals, cannot regulate their body temperature, which changes with the temperature of their surroundings.  Also, almost all fish have fins, which are used for swimming.

Not all animals living in water are classified as fish. They differ from fish in at least one of these ways. For example, Dolphins, look like fish and have a backbone and fins, but they are breathe with lungs rather than gills, and they are warm-blooded. Some water animals such as jellyfish and starfish are called fish, but they do not have a backbone and so are not fish.

Fish Habitat

these animals live in the water and breathe by absorbing oxygen through their gills. Fish are cold-blooded animals, so their internal body temperature is influenced by the environment. Many fish have scales and use their fins to swim. Fish have a spine but do not have external ears or eyelids. Fish also have air bladders, which keep them afloat

The animals we call fishes occur in seemingly endless combinations of shapes and sizes. Some live out in the open ocean and never see the seafloor. Others live in deep waters and never see the surface or even the light of day. Still other species live in reef communities, kelp forests or on the seafloor. Some are carnivores, while others are herbivores, and still others are omnivores, animals that feed on both plants and animals. Some fishes spawn in large groups and never see their mates again. Others mate for life. Some lay eggs, others bear live young. Some species provide a considerable amount of parental care, while others never give that notion any obvious consideration.

Enhance your home or garden design with these Colored Fish Statue