Product Description

Jas9 Laced Bear

Canadian Artist Jasmine Dearden and her Jas9 Laced Bear named Pola. a piece that is extremely elegant, stylish, and exquisite work and is not your normal bear.

this statue is very classy and sophisticated bringing a very up-class type of artwork to modern decor. Like many of her other pieces jasnine decided to add a lace to this bear. as an illustration for the purpose of giving it that sleek look to capture people’s attention.


Jasmine Dearden was born on July 9th 1988. Hence Nine has always been her favorite number. so she choose to make her artist name from Jasmine to Jasnine. Her style is half old school fifties half eighties hip-hop. in other words she considers her self as half fancy half hip hop. Jasnine likes to fuse graffiti,  hip-hop and fashion all together.


Her journey is to inspire people and bring happiness and excitement into lives. She also dreams to paint schools in third world countries to inspire kids to be focused. In the hope to indulge in their passions versus indulging in drugs and alcohol. jasmine continues learning new techniques in fashion illustration and graffiti and master many different styles. as a result, equipped with many styles and able to contribute too many different dimensions of the culture.

Protecting The Art

Infinytoon unique pieces are sprayed with a special clear coat for all weather protection.

hence after each artist is done with their work, they are sent out for this process right away. This allows the artwork to be safe and in all types of conditions.