Product Description

Jake Cordero

South Florida Artist Jake Cordero’s English bulldog statue titled “The Junk Yard Dog of Miami”. Exclusive and one of a kind Jake Cordero Collaboration is an amazing work of art in a Matte finish.

Jake Cordero truly let his imagination run wild with this piece making it like no other out there.In fact pulled in by the color choice alone and amazed by the little details around this canvas. Hence no ordinary English bulldog like this, the bio mechanical beast known as “the Junk Yard Dog of Miami”.

The Artist

Artist Jake Cordero believed in the constant evolution of creativity. his objective is to always “say something” and stretch his imagination. In detail, concentrated detail, sarcasm, and the contrasts of humanity with a hint of personal struggle in his work.

Jake Cordero’s Life

Notably First generation American born from his Cuban Father and his Russian Mother, extremely different cultures. However born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida but raised in multiple cities in and around South Florida.

therefore a product of the Post-70’s & 80’s culture; Hip-Hop, Metal, Electronic Music, Tech era, Athletic Legends, video games, personal computers, social media, and the internet.

Protecting The Art

Infinytoon unique pieces are sprayed with a special clear coat for all weather protection. after each artist is done with their work, they are sent out for this process right away. This allows the artwork to be safe at all times and in all types of conditions to be shown in any place.