How do you know that your creative ideas would actually look great in your room? This question usually worries homemakers as they take on a big redecorating project. If you’re unsure of your ideas or are simply looking for an inspiration, these expert advice and tips from interior design professionals will surely help.

1.Choose muted background colors. Using a muted palette means the color scheme you’re using on the wall includes minimal number of colors. This gives your furniture and decors the emphasis they deserve while the room colors are subtly pushed back to the background. When accessories and furniture take the spotlight, the room can feel restful and spacious.

2.Stick to dark, full colors when getting a stair carpet. Designs of printed patterns will only make you feel dizzy when trying to figure out where the step ends and the next one begins.

3.Minimize your accessories. Give your room a dignified look with simplicity. Avoid overcrowding it with useless decorations. Bring out only those that are essential in beautifying a space and not a thing more.

4.For a purely modern home, limit the display of photo frames to tables instead of hanging them on your walls. Photographs on the wall are an old Victorian design which somehow pulls your home’s modern look back in time. Putting photographs on bare tables can give your space some personality without having to turn your wall into a visual clutter. One trick to unify a number of photographs on tables would be to choose approximately similar sizes of frames without making any of them stand out over the others.

5.Choose furniture in proportion to the room. When your space is small, resist the temptation to buy a giant chair. A disproportional room is simply an eyesore, as well as impractical, space-wise.

6.Eliminate unnecessary furniture and those which you can afford to lose. Keep things simple when it comes to amount of accessories and designs of furniture. Ornamental pieces should be taken out a few necessities at a time and should not be put in display all at once.

7.Opt for simple centerpieces. Avoid putting too many flowers on a table. A simple flowering plant in its own clay pot or a wicker basket will do. Make sure the flower’s smell is not too strong, especially on coffee or dining tables so that they do not interfere with the delicious smell of the food.

8.Experiment with artwork placement around the house. Try hanging your paintings on unexpected places such as out in the hall. Hang some interesting wall art where they can be seen and admired.

9.Decorate mantel with bigger pieces. Allow your mantel decors to be appreciated from afar by putting some pretty vases which can be seen even from a distance. The vases ‘curves will look nice against the straight and squares patterns of the background.

10.Be bold when choosing wall color. Make a decisive pick as to which color to paint the room with and not those dull or undefined colors in between. If you want blue, decide whether you want it to be sky blue, sea blue, or any other shades of blue which are clearly set apart from other shades.

These ten cool tricks can truly help you add a new and professional touch to your room decoration. Mix and match whichever works for you and have fun.