Fun DIY Crafts for Spring Decoration

So, all that snow has just melted away and life begins to flourish again in the yard. What could be more exciting than going outdoors and enjoying the cool and colorful environment? And as of home decoration, making some very naturely projects yourself can truly bring out the artist in you. Here are some very creative ideas for spring decoration inspiration.

  1. DIY Bird Feeder

Birds are once again free to fly, and it would be great to draw them to you with some bird seeds in a decorative bird feeder. This project uses old paint cans with matching ribbons tied around them. With just some leftover paints and ribbons, you can get this project done in no time. You can add your own touch to your cans, or pots, or whatever material you choose. As long as there are bird seeds in them, and that they are pretty, of course, you can enjoy a flock of feathery company and some beautiful chirping music right in your yard.

  1. Wind Chimes

The wind is cool and breezy and wind chimes can be a great way to add relaxing music in the air. In this project you will need some crystal bottles and wires to hang them with. You can put some water in them to turn them into tiny flower vases. Adding water in varying levels or amount will produce different pitches of sound, making your project a very musical one.

This wind chime made of old keys will give a different kind of sound and will also be very easy to make.


You might need to find some pretty keys for this, but old regular keys will do too. It’s just going to give a different kind of mood, but will be pretty all the same. All you need to do is be creative in putting your materials together.

  1. Umbrella Wreath

Umbrellas will be a common sight these days, making them a spring icon perfect for home decoration. Simple hang a pretty umbrella on your door, arrange some flowers in it, and voila, your home looks pretty in spring! As for the flowers, you can simply put artificial flowers in it or get some fresh ones. Make sure that you put your fresh flowers in floral foams or a plastic sandwich bag with a bit of water to keep them fresh and alive.


  1. Painted Pine Cone Flowers

Pines cones turned flowers are a great way to decorate your home with floral colors. Simply paint some pine cones with attractive colors and you have an everlasting bouquet. You can mix in some fresh flowers in the basket and it will surely transform your room into beautiful garden.

You might also stick each pine cone onto some sturdy sticks which would act as their “stems”. Now, you can put them in a flower vase and they will last the whole spring season.


  1. Mirror Centerpiece


A framed mirror is one easy way to make a classy centerpiece. Simply put a nicely framed mirror, add some beads and flowers and you have a nice spring décor. You can also put candles on it. When lit, the candle will reflect its gentle firelight through the mirror.


With these simple spring projects, you can give your home a very refreshing look in no time. Have a fun spring home makeover!!!!